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Machine Collection


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Diesel Living with Seletti

The iconic lifestyle brand Diesel and Seletti, the Italian brand globally known for its revolutionary designs collaborate on a new home accessories line. The Diesel Living-dedicated creative team will work closely with Seletti design team on a collection made to be the perfect fusion between Diesel lifestyle and Seletti creative know-how.

Space life has always been a big inspiration for the Brand, long with the cyber punk futuristic approach. It is a fascinating mysterious world, where shapes of the spaceships, details from technical machinery and textures inspired us for several products.

The Collection Include:

MACHINE COLLECTION is a ceramic interpretation of the gears and cogs of industry, rendered with toothed edges and impressions, finished in an industrial white.

The full collection gets its inspiration from the global imagery of mechanics, and consists of plates and bowls, cutlery, containers, glasses and mugs. A full range meshed together for a full dynamic setting.

In order to enrich the table setting:

DIY – The perfect complement to the Machine Collection table set, the DIY place-setting would be at home in a toolbox, but finds itself in the kitchen drawer. For the moments when you might be inspired to leave the table and head direct to your motorbike for a quick tune up. Knives, forks and spoons, are available in the size of a wrench – 10 to 13 mm.

GHOST SHELL – A reinterpretation of a classic glass dome display, in a “punked up” version which gets a mysterious aura from an half chrome glaze on the glass and a studded chrome ceramic base. Perfect for displaying your most valued pop paraphernalia.

TRANSMISSION Candlesticks – Inspired by the mechanical parts of industrial machinery, but re-imagined as sculptural pillars. A three pieces collection of candlesticks that are finished in an aged metallic glaze to celebrate industrial decadence and the rough luxury aesthetics.

COSMIC DINER is a the visionary and poetic tableware collection inspired by the universe with the porcelain plates representing the 9 planets of the Solar System, born as flat real, but the set is also perfect hanging, as decoration of the wall. The Starman vase replicating an astronaut down to the smallest detail, the Rockets salt and pepper grinders in the shape of missiles, and the Meteorite glasses that, electroplated with nuanced gold finish and available in two sizes, are made of blown glass with a double chamber. Bowls, centerpieces and coffee cups in shimmering brass inspired by the mythical figure of Saturn and textures of the lunar craters; besides, candlesticks in the shape of rockets, ready to enter orbit and explore the universe.