# H A V E A S E L E T T I C H R I S T M A S

December , 05 2017

Seletti revolutionises the Christmas holidays with an out-of-the-box Christmas Wish List: Our leading products chosen for their uniqueness, popularity and spirit will be available at Seletti’s retailers worldwide, in the Flagship Store in Milan and online via the e-commerce site seletti.us.

For the first time at Christmas, items made in collaboration with Studio Job will be available, such as the iconic Banana Lamp and a set of porcelain plates of the BLOW brand; new products from the Seletti wears TOILETPAPER collection with armchairs, a bedding set and candles with unique graphic designs; as well as Letters, the latest collection of illuminated alphabets, and the Wunderkammer sculpture line, part of the well-established collaboration with Diesel.

BANANA LAMP – Design: Studio Job

Thanks to Seletti, the exclusive product from the imagination of Studio Job – the creative duo going beyond definitions of art and design – becomes available to a wider public: The Banana Lamp, symbol of the creativity of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, and created as a precious and highly sought-after limited-edition item for collectors, unites with the heart of Seletti and transforms into something equally precious in terms of design, at the same time being accessible to everyone. With this collaboration, Seletti and Studio Job give birth to a project that has no room for limits: Is is Art? Is it design? Available in three versions: Huey, Dewey and Louie – each in a different position, the Banana Lamp is made of resin and glass.


BLOW is a true design brand born from the desire to offer lovers of design dream items created from the unmistakable imagination of Studio Job, giving people the possibility of furnishing their homes with items that are unique but accessible. A “pop” spirit of radical change characterises the BLOW items, as demonstrated by the porcelain plates, the graphic designs of which draw on the iconographies found in the immense collection of Smeets & Tynagel – Weed, Mouth and Peace –, and the fresher and more playful side of the studio – Egg, Flash e Hot Dog.


SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER – Armchairs, bedding set and candles

The line created in collaboration with TOILETPAPER – a publishing project from Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, an emblem of how art and design can unite and give rise to original and over-the-top imagery, reconfirms its position as one of Seletti’s bestsellers. For Christmas 2017, the first SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER product from the world of upholstery is added to the extensive catalogue of items: the new Armchairs. With an aesthetic that evokes the traditional seasons of the 1950s with their sinuous shapes and brass legs, the armchairs are, however, distorted by a covering of surreal images: A cat nestling among pills (Cat), a mixture of spaghetti and tomato (Spaghetti), flowers with holes in them (Flowers with Holes), male hands holding lipsticks (Lipsticks) and creeping snakes (Snakes).Other new items in the collection include: The bedding set – made up of a duvet cover and two cotton satin pillowcases making use of the Flowers with Holes, Lipsticks, Snakes e Spaghetti graphic imagery; the new made-in-Italy candles with special essences held in special porcelain cups reproducing the unique graphic images: Drill, Snakes, Flowers with Holes, Spaghetti, Pills and Shit.

CARACTÈRE – Design: Selab + Studio Badini

A new product is added to the catalogue of Seletti “illuminated alphabets”, one of the bestsellers of the brand’s Lighting line: Caractère is made up of 20.5cm-high letters with which to compose personalised words and phrases that can be fixed to walls or simply supported. The letters consist of a metal structure covered in LED bulbs. With this project, Seletti reconfirms its passion for any form of playful creativity capable of making thoughts and words alive, concrete and shareable.

Diesel Living with Seletti – WUNDERKAMMER

The collaboration with Diesel, one of most innovative and experimental fashion brands, remains a must from Seletti with its revolutionary project: Wunderkammer is made up of brilliant metal sculptures inspired by a culture of horror: a snake, a human skull, a wolf skull, a bone and the new addition of a shell make up this chamber of wonders to be collected.

With its Christmas offerings, Seletti reconfirms its inexhaustible tendency to experiment: The brand’s designs reconfirm once again the desire to unite the exclusive nature of design with a democratisation of prices.