S E L E T T I   A T   M A I S O N  O B J E T

August, 02 2018

Seletti is ready to surprise once again with a series of original products and collaborations at the September edition of Maison&Objet, the exhibition dedicated par excellence to home design and decoration

The Italian design brand loved for its pop-art and democratic approach confirms once again its unique attitude of combining accessibility with the desirability of collectible design: After the successful collaboration with the Toiletpaper photo-based magazine – which saw the contamination of consumer goods with the surreal images of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari – and the development of the BLOW project that has transformed the aesthetics of Studio Job’s unique pieces into democratic objects, Seletti presents a new projectstarring one of the most internationally appreciated creative studios, the New York duo Snarkitecture.

The founders, Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, already celebrated in the most important museums in the world for their conceptual vision that balances art with architecture, for Seletti move away from environmental installations and, for the first time, their design approach aims at a fun and domestic type of product, similar to Christmas decorations.

The Memorabilia Museum collection also previews in Paris: a series of objects for art lovers designed by Marcantoniowho this time creates collectable sculptural objects for Seletti.

There are even incursions into the territory of the revolutionary Seletti wears Toiletpaper collection, a perfect combination of the exclusive aesthetics of contemporary art with design: the first upholstered chair to be produced by the brand; the collaboration with Diesel which is enriched by new creations of a unique and unexpected stamp with new objects in the Wunderkammerline and the new Home Scents candle set; and Blow, the family of objects created together with Studio Job, which presents a new variant of the iconic Banana Lamp.

Canope is a series of containers conceived by the designer Elena Cutolo, who with this project inaugurates her first collaboration with the brand, while the bond with Marcantonio, who presents a series of new tableware products –Fingers Porcelain Gold – and lighting products – the Bird Lampand the Jurassic Lamp, is consolidated.

SNARKITECTURE – Snarkitecture Ornaments

Thanks to Seletti, Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen confront a totally new type of project. The same dreamlike and unpredictable design approach that dominates their large environmental installations is manifested here in a series of small Christmas decorations. Shapes that are iconic in their simplicity, such as those of a snowman, a Christmas balland Candy Cane, are reinterpreted and, through the use of small details that transform their essence, become collectable sculptural objects.

MEMORABILIA MVSEVM – Designed by Marcantonio

The iconic nature of classical sculpture enters the home with Memorabilia Mvsevm, a project conceived by Marcantonio for Seletti. Memorabilia Mvsevm consists of nine reproductions in fine porcelain of parts of the human body inspired by the works of the greatest Italian sculptors: Michelangelo, Bernini and Canova. They are architectural sculptural finds that pay homage to the the most classical canons of beauty. An eye, a male and a female hand, a mouth, a nose, an ear, a male and a female foot, a penis: objects to collect that seem to come from a glorious past.


The experiments in upholstery developed by Seletti and the photo-based magazine with revolutionary aesthetics founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari continue: The collection is thus enriched, following the armchairs – which have already become bestsellers – with the first upholstered chairs from the brand. The retro 50s mood, characterised by soft and sinuous brass legs, is distorted by the crazy images from the magazine TOILETPAPER, surreal and over-the-top patterns that are perfect for these new products. The new upholstered chairs are available in six different graphic designs: Lipstick, Revolver, Shit, Drill, Roses and Snakes.

WUNDERKAMMER – Diesel Living with Seletti

Wunderkammer is a series of collectable objects born from the collaboration of Seletti with Diesel, the most irreverent made-in-Italy fashionbrand, for creating a room full of wonders with a Renaissance flavour, a domestic museum that collects stories of legendary animals that remain only as skeletons, a testimony to fairy tales and stories handed down for generations.

Added to the collection are the head of a buffalo, the scarab beetle, the skull of a crow, the skeleton of a hand, the crab and the sphere.

HOME SCENTS – Diesel Living with Seletti

Seletti and Diesel confirm once again their partnership based on trends and irony. Home Scents is a candle set designed to complement rooms with refined essences that evoke sensations coming from distant places – whether imagined or real, memories and emotions. The shapes, fragrances and materials – glass, aluminium, cement, steel, iron – are divided into Memories, Metal, Green Possessed, Warm Up and Acier Fumée (smoked steel).

BLOW – BANANA LAMP A BATTERIA – design: Studio Job

Studio Job’s Banana Lamp has become the symbol of the most ironic design: the perfect representation of the relationship of designers with a unique brand such as Seletti. The project is based on the idea of making a limited-edition product accessible. Following the three tabletop versions – Huey, Dewey and Louie – and the wall-mounted version, here is Daisy: The new wireless Banana Lamp, powered by rechargeable battery.

CANOPIE – design: Elena Cutolo Canopie is a project from Elena Cutolo consisting of a series of five porcelain vases. They are girls/containers – as she herself likes to define them, a collection that conjures up a gathering of friends from distant countries around the world: Pepathe American, Lulathe Oceanian, Rosio the African, Izumi the Asian and Zoe the European. The soft lines of these domestic objects are characterised by bright colours and elementary designs that recount the origins of the “girls” via the features of their faces (which line up with the lids) and the patterns that define their aesthetics.

FINGERS – design: Marcantonio

Fingers is an eclectic and sophisticated collection that evokes ancient craftsmanship: As the name suggests, in fact, the Fingers brass objects seem to have been shaped by hand and finished off with a texture containing fingerprints. The materiality of metal blends with archetypal, almost ancestral, forms, renewing its simplicity and transforming it into objects for the home of the third millennium.

Together with the first objects in the collection (lamps, cutlery, plates, nutcrackers, candlesticks and elegant but anachronistic little bell), new products designed for the tabletop are previewed in Paris, some of which make use of brass combined with porcelain: coffee cups, a tea set, a bowl, a tray, a splashback, a mug, a jug, a jar and a dish.

BIRD LAMP – design: Marcantonio

Seletti’s experimentation with Marcantonio continues and is also connected with lighting: Following the bestsellers Monkey and Mouse Lamp, another curious animal sneaks into the domestic environment, a crow that seems to be ready to take flight carrying a lightbulb in its beak. Marcantonio also confirms on this occasion his fascination with the animal world with his “characters” who seem to come out of a fairy tale, suspended between fantasy and reality, and capable of bringing the factor of surprise to interiors of the most diverse homes.

Bird Lamp is available in three models – two tabletop ones and one wall-mounted one – and in two different colours, black and white.

JURASSIC LAMP – design: Marcantonio

Who has not dreamed at one time of becoming an archaeologist? Jurassic Lamp, in its two versions, Brontoand Rex, is a table lamp in resin designed for all those who want to bring an eccentric Mesozoic object into the interior of the home. Seletti confirms its ability to realise lighting projects with an unexpected and fun mood.