S E L E T T I  W E A R S  T O I L E T P A P E R  A T  A R T  B A S E L ,  M I A M I

January, 31 2019

5 – 9 February 2019

Stand A03:21

For the second consecutive year, Seletti brings its sense of humour and pop spirit to Stockholm on the occasion of the Light and Furniture Fair. The most pop and irreverent Italian brand returns to the land of minimal design in order to subvert it with a smile. 

Among the many news products filling the brand’s booth at the fair, two exclusive previews: the My Little Evening and Candle Twin table lamps designed by Marcantonio.

Among the new products created by Studio Job, there is the STREET LAMP – DINING lamp, a table version of the curved STREET LAMP – FLOOR, the lamps in the shape of street lamps are part of the BLOW collection Job and Seletti – which includes plates, cups, folding chairs, armchairs, mirrors and bathroom accessories – created in collaboration with Job Smeet and Nynke Tynagel. From the same family, there are the Tongue e Heart lamps, the latter being created specially for Valentine’s Day.

The celebration of love is a theme that is also developed by Marcantonio in the Mouse Lamp with a bulb in the shape of a red heart, which joins a new series of items inspired by the natural world: the new Cactus Lamps, the Snails and Mushrooms clothes hangers, the Mushroom lamp and the new SWING version of the celebrated Monkey Lamp. The new products are flanked by the new My Little Friday Night lamp-sculpture and the Kintsugi tableware collection is enhanced with bowls and glasses.


The development of the SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER collection continues with new mirrors featuring crazy graphics created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari and a series of Notebooks enriched with the visionary images of the Cattelan-Ferrari signed publishing project. There will be a special focus on the TOILETPAPER signed furniture: the dining tables with small upholstered armchairs, the ornamental vases and the fifties inspired mirrors with golden frames. Lastly, the collaboration with Diesel is enhanced with a new version of the Starman Vase in gold and the new series of candles with special Home Scent essential oils expands the Seletti for Diesel Living collection.

MARCANTONIO – My Little Evening

A timeless scene, a romantic and fairly-like still image, a table lamp that is a poetic and functional tableau-vivent. The reproduction of the gas lamp is the centrepiece of this composition, illuminating it with a warm and suffused LED light. Under the lamp post, a ruffled cat observes a dumbfounded dog, the whole scene taking place on a paved street in an imaginary city. My Little Evening is made entirely of resin, a material that allows the faithful reproduction of the subjects, thus ensuring the exchange between reality and fantasy that is typical of the work of Marcantonio.

MARCANTONIO – Candle Twin Lamp

A monochrome and luminous rainbow connects two retro-looking candelabras to create a table lamp that combines a romantic touch with technology. The luminous part is a curved LED neon light that perfectly brings to mind a hug between two candles, the “wax” of which merges to create a single beam of light. Equipped with a battery rechargeable via USB, Candle Twin is the perfect light source for traditional home environments or for a touch of irony in the most contemporary home.

BLOW by Job and Seletti – Street Lamp – design: Studio Job

Street Lamp is the archetype of the traditional gas street lamps that could be found in cities at the beginning of the twentieth century; Studio Job reinterprets the aesthetics of these memorable urban furnishings for contemporary interiors. After the floor version, inspired by the curvature and proportions of the Arco of Achille Castiglioni and presented at the 2018 Salone del Mobile, Seletti brings the tabletop version to Paris. The resin lantern with an LED bulbs is a cordless lamp rechargeable via a USB socket: a perfect piece of furniture for the home but also for the world of contracting, for a romantic dinner or for relaxing in a softly-lit atmosphere with a vintage flavour.

BLOW by Job and Seletti – Tongue Lamp and Heart Lamp – design: Studio Job

The pop magic of neon, the celebration of the visual inspirations of consumerism and of advertising using a new LED technology that combines aesthetics with functionality. Studio Job applies its vision to some graphical styles that are among the most popular and well-loved by the general public. Tongue Lamp is irreverence par excellence, the tongue that in the sixties and seventies upset bourgeois conformism and offered freedom to a generation.  Heart Lamp, on the other hand, is the simplest and most effective tribute for Valentine’s Day, a pure motif that communicates love without superstructure.

MARCANTONIO – Mouse Lamp Love Edition

Marcantonio’s best-seller, the Mouse Lamp, becomes a sweet and romantic message for Valentine’s Day. The little resin mouse with an unusual powder colour stands upright on its hind legs holding a red LED bulb in the shape of a heart. Like in a fairy tale, the mouse becomes the symbol of the strongest and most beautiful emotion, perfect as a gift for a loved one.

MARCANTONIO – Cactus Lamps

Whether lost in the desert or walking in an exotic garden, the new Marcantonio Cactus Lamps help you find your way back. The fun aspect of these glass lamps, inspired by the aesthetics of cartoons, faithfully reproduces these plants with their thorns and flowers on the top. Available in three different shapes and sizes, they are perfect for making every room in your home blossom with humour.

MARCANTONIO – Mushrooms & Snails Clothes Hangers and Mushroom Lamp

Walk in a wood like in an animated film and meet magical animals and plants to keep you company. Marcantonio has clothes hangers shaped like mushrooms and snails that transform your home into an enchanted forest. Made out of resin and perfect in all their details, Snails and Mushrooms are a return to childhood, to a dream-world that is still inside all of us and which resurfaces every now and then.

Marcantonio once again transports us to a dimension in which man and nature hold hands and interact; a place where design merges into the most archetypal and primordial forms, maintaining function and transforming and subverting industrial aesthetics.

MARCANTONIO – My Little Friday Night

Technically a table lamp, this is actually a story to be told with an open ending and a beginning yet to be invented. After My Little Neighbour, Marcantonio has gifted design enthusiasts another miniature world to discover. A car stopped under a street-light, a sign for a motel a few miles away, a Friday night spent travelling a road to a remote and ideal place. Completely made of resin, My Little Friday Night recreates each detail to perfection, leaving the sequel to this still life, which seems to have come right out of a TV series or a hit movie, entirely to the imagination.


The crazy and dreamlike imagination of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari strikes again, continuing to create visionary objects with a pop spirit, just like Seletti. Here, then, is the stationary experiment: the graphics chosen by TOILETPAPER decorate notebooks in two different sizes to transform every work meeting into a brainstorming session for the most innovative ideas. The graphics chosen by Cattelan and Ferrari for these new objects of desire are: Spaghetti, Revolver, Snake, Roses, Shit, Lipstick, Globe, Toothpaste, Flowers with holes and Two of Spades.


The new missions to Mars keep man’s interest in space alive, and the Cosmic Diner collection from Seletti for Diesel continues to be the way to celebrate this fascination with the most unknown aspects of the cosmos. The Starman vase is draped in gold and the astronaut becomes a precious and luminous item to display in your home. It is a perfect return to the tenacity of man in overcoming limitations and an object of contemporary and ironic design for the most cutting-edge settings.