S E L E T T I  X  C O U N T Y  O F  M I L A N


May, 30 2017

Seletti, the Italian design brand with a pop and unconventional DNA, launches a new partnership with County of Milan, the eclectic fashion brand founded by the Argentine Marcelo Burlon in 2012.

The first result of this contamination between the multi-cultural vision of Mercelo Burlon and the inexhaustible attitude of Stefano Seletti to experimentation, is a collection made of six candles, each featuring a graphic and a different essence.

WolfWingsSnakeCros are the kaleidoscopic images on these objects: drawings of iconographic elements belonging to different cultures, recurring symbols in the imagination of County of Milan, celebration of cultural mixes and diversity.

With this new project, Seletti confirms its interest in overcoming the boundaries of traditional design, giving rise to collaborations with different forms of creativity.

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