My Little Neighbour

Once upon no time and no place, there was a little house under a glass dome. At sunset, the scene becomes alive and almost surreal at the same time. An Empire of lights at our fingertips, wrapped in an aura of mistery.

Table Lamp

Design: Marcantonio

Material: Resin, Glass

Size:  ø cm.25,5 h.26,8 ≈ ø 10″ h. 10.6″ ≈

For indoor use only | EU version: Input 220 V Output 5 V – 50hz | EX version: Input 110/230 V Output 5 V – 60hz | Cable: mt. 2,5 ≈

$ 390.00

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Product Description

LED light lamp made of resin, metal, glass and plastic

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Weight 2.5 lbs